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  • Born in March 26,1980(The Chinese Monkey Year). She grew up in Qamdo, the eastern part of TAR. Her parents were teachers here before they retired and past.

    Speaking in Chinese, English, Tibetan, and little bit Spanish.

    Before working for tourism, she was a housewife working for family and son. Be an English guide since 2006, have most experience with Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan Pro. Also have lot knowledge of Tibetan Culture and Buddhism. She worked with many people from US, Germany, Holland, AUS, and Spainish also. Learning and studying in Tibetan Culture and History during winter time.

    Who established Tibet-rainbow travel service.

    She has good coordination ability with drivers, guides and clients. Not a very patient woman, but kind people. Also is Buddhism for all life.

  • Born in September 24,1968(Chinese monkey year). Barcelona City, Spain.

    Speak in Spanish, English and Chinese.

    First time to China was in July 1997. Since that time he live in China and works in Trade bussiness But gradually change job because he feel interested to know about all places in China and start to work in tourism in INOUT-CHINA travels... a group of friends agency specialized in overland and adventure trips include trek and hiking for Spanish market and some others for overland ....... Xinjiang, Tibet, Silk Road, Desert, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Canton, Fujian, Sichuan, Macao, Hongkong.... and countries around.

    He knows very well all areas, and routes and people around.

    Gerardo is the most active guy in Wang team. Nagging and wordy, but also enthusiastic and patient.

  • Born in Liuzhou city, September 24,1968.

    She works with the team of INOUT-CHINA and she is professional in GUIZHOU and GUANGXI, GUANGDONG and HAINAN areas and specially the SOUTH CHINA SEA.

    She works special for Chinese oversea groups for cultural, festivals and overland tours. Also she coordinates the booking for plane-hotels and other services.

    She knows areas and people.

    She is friendly and cheerful, hard work and tender.

  • Born in July 17,1966 (The Chinese Horse Year).

    Speak in perfect English and little Japanese, and Chinese also.

    Professional official guide base in Guilin-Yangshuo

    Experience in tourism since 1997

    Organize and lead groups in Yunnan-Guizhou-Hunan-Guangxi ............ specialized in overland tours, hiking and cultural......... also lead groups if guest wants to contract the service by the way and day by day.

    He knows perfectly all areas and good communication with local people and friends because his open mentality and friendship.

    Uncle Bob just like a horse when he is working, but like a crazy when he has nothing to do. Nice and warm-hearted guy. Positive and eager to learn new things.

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